We provide all the flexibility you need when it comes to your schedule. Whether it is daily service for commercial property or weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly or one time cleanings for your home or office. Excel Cleaning Service can customize a program for you. Below you will see a number of the services that we provide but again we customize our cleaning services to your needs.
Vacuum all carpeted rooms,Vacuum upholstered furniture in main living area, Vacuum & mop all hard surface floors, Dust furniture, Dust window ledges, Dust ceiling fans, Dust wall hangings, Dust baseboards, Remove cobwebs, Wipe hand prints from accessible inside windows, Make bed or change linen, Laundry room (empty lint basket, wipe washer and dryer, vacuum & mop floor), Wash, Dry & fold one set of linens, Clean & disinfect bathrooms, Clean & disinfect kitchen, Clean pet area (clean food bowl & give fresh water), Remove trash
Vacuum and damp mop hard surface floors, Vacuum Carpet floors, Dust desktops, furniture & wall hangings, Clean & disinfect bathrooms, Restock bathroom supplies, Clean break room, Sanitize telephone receivers, Lightly dust office equipment, Empty wastebaskets, Wipe fingerprints from lobby doors inside/outside, Vacuum entrance mat, Empty all wastebaskets, Remove cobwebs, Dust blinds, Dust window ledges, Dust baseboards
Dust window ledges, Dust door jams, Dust baseboards, Dust reachable fans, Remove cobwebs, Vacuum & mop all hard surface floors, Vacuum All Carpeted Area's, Clean & disinfect all bathrooms, Clean & disinfect Kitchen, Clean Laundry Room
Clean inside and out of oven, Clean drip pans and broiler drawer, Clean inside and out of refrigerator and freezer, Wipe down cabinets inside and out, Clean counter tops, Clean sink, Clean floor
Clean tub and shower, Clean toilet, Wipe down cabinets inside and out, Clean counter tops, Clean sink, Clean mirror, Clean light fixtures over mirror, Clean floor,
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